Is it worth investing in digital marketing?

Internet marketing help for you

Hi, I’m Lindsey Trainer and here’s a couple of key facts to help you decide if it is worth investing in digital marketing at a time of worldwide austerity:

  •  The UK government is investing in the digital economy for good reason. Their digital economic strategy for 2015 claims: ‘By 2020, 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected, supporting a global digital services market worth as much as the entire UK economy.’
  •  World digital data analysis organisations such as ‘We are social’ identify that in January 2015, the UK had the highest percentage per head of population in the world of  purchases on the internet. In January (not Christmas!) two-thirds of the population bought something online.’

When I set up Business Mapper three years ago I realised there wasn’t enough help for people in business who wanted to make the most of the online growth.

You are probably aware of the surge in internet sales for businesses over these last years and too many times I have seen or met people in business who are frustrated by their lack of digital marketing knowledge and feel their business is suffering as a result.

If truth be known we are all in the same place in having to keep up with internet trends but there are some digital marketing fundamentals which are foundational and you can learn immediately to help you make good business decisions.

I’m a qualified Digital Marketer and Public Relations professional and I’ve had the privilege of over 20 years experience within the industry working for some big names as well as many small businesses.

I also understand the challenges of starting a business from home and taking it out into the community whilst trying to balance family life.

For some time now I have been offering face to face marketing surgeries and training courses in East Anglia with other professionals. We have received a great deal of very positive feedback from clients and have enjoyed watching businesses grow as a result.

Now I’m taking the next step of offering you these digital marketing surgeries online using Skype  so I can see and help you if you live further afield.

If, like many entrepreneurs, you may not have been taught how to increase your chances of sales online you can join me for an hour’s surgery. I will systematically explain, in easy to understand terms, what you can do next to reach your business goals. Depending on your needs we can discuss your audiences, customers, competitors, campaigns, website, social media, emails or even just where to start.

I look forward to meeting you and finding out about your business. Together we will work through what you need to do to take control of your marketing online and across digital media.

All the very best,

Lindsey Trainer

About Business Mapper

The Business Mapper website launched after founder, Lindsey Trainer moved from traditional Marketing and PR into professional digital marketing, following her additional training and qualifications through the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Having spent most of her working life in PR and Marketing, both internationally and throughout the UK for brands such as Airbus UK, British Gas, BT,ACAS, National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff and Suffolk County Councils, National Trust, Lindsey then took a break from work to have her son, Teddie. Coming back into the work place she realised the digital economy was about overtake her industry and in fact would dramatically affect all business.

Fast forward to 2015 and Lindsey has been working in conjunction with a number of businesses, agencies and public services to host business marketing surgeries and digital marketing training businesses in East Anglia. The Business Mapper work also extends to  delivering website and SEO analyses as well as marketing strategies to businesses.

The digital marketing field is a large arena that encompasses audit, planning and strategy; website design, search marketing, social media strategy, mobile marketing and analytics.

If you bookmark the Business Mapper website and social media it will provide you with opportunities to learn about digital marketing and business digital news updates and blogs.  You will also receive a spectrum of marketing, PR and digital marketing advice designed to help you progress your business.

If you are interested in Business Mapper services you are welcome to contact us