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Business News

This February, the Business News round-up will give you insight to online marketing trends and actionable tips to take into the workplace.

Look at each of the links below and share your comments with our readers. Let me know what digital subjects you want me to cover next time.
Please note articles are popular with businesses from across the web. Where opinion, rather than facts, are expressed, they do not necessarily reflect my opinion.

# Business News

Businesses need to adapt their sales to meet  digital shopping habits. This Reuters article also highlights the IAB’s findings about online shopping habits by age as well.

Sainsbury’s boss confirms changes in shopping habits BBC Business News, 02 Feb 2016

Other business news:

Yahoo cuts workforce by 15% BBC Business, 03 Feb 2016

Microsoft buys predictive keyboard firm SwiftKey Dave Lee, BBC News, 03 Feb 2016

Google defends UK tax settlement WSJ Video, 11 Feb 2016

BT apologises but is it too late for business? Nadia Khomami, The Guardian, 02 Feb 2016

#Website Design

Push the boundaries in engaging your audience, but stay secure if you want to keep your customers.

It’s time to seriously consider using video on you website in order to sell through it! Morgan Jacobson for HubSpot, 02 Feb 2016

10 Must-know security tips for WordPress websites Nathan Segal, HTMLGoodies, Feb 2016

#SEO and SEM

There’s more to Search than Google. Make sure you are utilising the search engines your customers use most.

Use 3rd party apps to improve your search marketing Wesley Young, Search Engine Land, 01 Feb 2016

Giphy, the great GIF search engine wins Adam Satariano, Bloomberg Business 29 Jan 2016

Take a look at how Valentine’s Day search tend to trend Ginny Marvin, Search Engine Land, 01 Feb 2016

#Social media

Who are the winners and losers this month with social media? The race for dominance is clearly being won by Facebook at present.

Facebook’s ‘other’ website…did you know? by Aaron Brown, Daily Express Online, 01 Feb 2016

Number of tweets in major decline! Jim Edwards, Business Insider, 02 feb, 2016

Facebook overwhelms Q4 with 1.59 billion users Josh Constine, TechCrunch 27 Jan, 2016

Productivity tools for social media marketing Lesya Liu, Social Media Examiner, 01 Feb 2016


Do you know whether advertising is essential for your business? It helps to be clear about how competitive your keywords are on your website. Contact me if you want help with this.

Which ad campaign structure is right for your business? Laura Collins, Search Engine Land, 02 Feb 2016

Facebook gets more small businesses to buy ads Jillian D’Onfro, Business Insider, 11 Feb 2016

#Email marketing

We might need to forget about traditional email campaigns soon. Think real time communications with personal touch.

WhatsApp and Gmail have topped 1billion users each! Karissa Bell, Mashable, 01 Feb 2016

Why email marketing is not enough Mike Templeman, Forbes, 11 Feb 2016


Already this year there are signs of trend pundits are right about wearable and VR tech.

Will 2016 be the year of the connected business as well as the connected home? TechRadar, 14 Jan 2016

Apple Watch success pushes wearable and VR sales Computer Business Review, 03 Feb 2016

Apple file patent for ‘touchless’ touch screen tech Kellen Beck, Mashable, 02 Feb 2016

#Tip of the day

Focus on one target audience group and one relevant subject related to one product or service you sell. Find a forum discussing that subject with those people. Share your expertise and insight in a couple of sentences, showing you have listened to the full debate on that thread. Where possible and relevant write a link back to a selling / landing page on your website.

#One for the family

Keep abreast of the latest help to protect teens online through the fab

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