Digital Marketing News, October 2015

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This internet news round-up is designed to give you business insight to online marketing trends as well as  actionable tips to take back into the workplace. Take a look at each of the links below that are relevant for your business and let me know in the comments section below what digital marketing news you would like me to cover next time and what comments you have about the stories covered in this edition. Please note these articles are some of the most popular with businesses from across the web. Where opinion, rather than facts are expressed within articles, those opinions do not necessarily reflect the ours.


Facebook’s tiny UK tax bill explained (BBC)

‘Every Business Is A Digital Business And There’s No Better Place Than The U.K.’ (Forbes)

Startup advice from one of Silicon Valley’s Giants (Medium)

#Website Design 

19 Free Google Tools every website owner needs to use (WPBeginner)

The US government endeavours to make the world’s best website (Medium)

#SEO and SEM

More than half of Google searches now come from mobile (Mashable)

How to get the first million visitors your website  (Matthew Barby)

Increase traffic to your website using guestographics (Backlinko)

#Social media

5 Lesser Known Facebook Page Features for Marketers (Social Media Examiner)

Facebook killer: is TinyLetter finally the real deal (Wired)

7 Pinterest Tools for Marketers (Social Media Examiner)

Businesses campaign to stop using LinkedIn (StopUsingLinkedIn)


Captivate your audience using Facebook ads (Adespresso)

Social media offers a solution to online advertising’s biggest challenges (The Guardian- Digital Marketing News)

#Inbound marketing 

Inbound marketing ranking tool to you ranked higher (Smart Insights- News archive)

70 inbound marketing cheat sheets (Kaiserthesage)

#Email marketing

How to convert 60% of your readers into email subscribers (MatthewWoodward)

Pat’s gift to the world: Email the smart Way (SmartPassiveIncome)

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