The 6 Most Actionable SEO Blogs For Link Building And Traffic Generation

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Finding a good SEO blog is like finding money – it gives you a warm feeling inside that makes you feel life’s pretty good!

Whether you can put what you read into action however, decides if it’s a really useful SEO blog or a guest post to forget about. In other words, a post that isn’t just ‘tipping its hat’ to the SEO community but is there to help people like us improve their website’s rankings.

I’ve noticed the word ‘actionable’ is often used in SEO circles but, on further investigation of the many SEO blogs out there, most disappoint.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of six bloggers who are at the top of their game right now and that I’ve come to rely on. They supply me with amazing actionable advice that I wish I’d known from day one of starting my own site.

All six bloggers on my list have the following in common. They all regularly produce and post:

  • Original content (not generic posts which rehash content already online)
  • Straight forward strategies with step-by-step guidance that actually works when put in to practice
  • Articles that are accessible to anyone (not just the SEO community) who wants to build an audience and improve their search rankings

What really puts these bloggers on my list though is they are the best teachers on the internet!

Without further introductions, here are my SEO action heroes!

#1 Brian Dean – Backlinko

Actionable SEO blog - Brian Dean

This blog has only been going under a year, but Brian has quickly established himself as a linking building rock star. A lot of strategies he shares are truly original or juiced up with his secret formulas for making link building even more scalable!

If you’re new to his blog I recommend you start with anatomy of a perfectly optimised page.

He also wrote a mind bending awesome collaboration with Neil Patel of QuickSprout entitled Advanced guide to link building.

Also be sure to take a look at his guestographics post, as I said he puts his own spin on established SEO strategies!

#2 Matthew Woodward blog

The first home grown SEO blogger I came across. Matthew is a real authority on automating SEO and tiered link building.  He has recorded some awesome tutorials on the subject.

Most people know guest posting is the cornerstone strategy for bloggers to promote their content and get targeted traffic.  Matthew demonstrates how to automate the guest posting process in yet another stella tutorial.

#3 Anna Hoffman – Traffic Generation Cafe

Anna makes it her business to promote her blog’s fans which I like but she also really knows her stuff and I would recommend you reading any of her post on these subjects:

  1. Social media traffic
  2. SEO Traffic
  3. Traffic Conversion
  4. List building

#4 Jon Copper – Point Blank SEO

You could be forgiven for thinking Jon is a seasoned SEO sage due to the mass of helpful content he produces. In fact, he was only 17 when he started his SEO blog a couple of years ago.

He lays out complex link building strategies in an easy to digest format. If you check out this comprehensive interactive table you’ll see what I mean.

He also came up with the 2nd most creative link building post ever, (great example of ego bait) and runs an SEO training course and community of followers, which I belong to and highly recommend.

#5  Kim Roach – My Traffic Mentor

A relatively new blog (but experienced blogger) Kim recently came up with this gem 23 steps to 10,000 visitors.

Kim is a refreshingly diligent at answering questions on her blog to explain her methods. She also runs a course and closed Facebook group which I might be checking out and blogging about soon.

She previously published 21 untapped traffic sources on her other website Buzz Blogger.

#6 Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income blog

Actionable SEO blog - Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income (SPI) is not strictly an SEO blog but SEO is an important part of niche internet marketing.  I also believe Pat is the best teacher on the internet which is why he’s so successful.  He’s also managed to build a tremendous trust with his audience because he’s refreshingly honest about how hard it is to make money online.

Anyway, he did a great keyword research tutorial for his Niche Site 2.0 project. I recommend you check it out here if you want to sharpen your skills in this area.

Who did I leave out?  Please let me know – in my experience the best talent’s always on the way up so don’t keep it a secret.

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