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linkedin buttonNow ten years old, LinkedIn was one of the first professional social media channels designed to build personal professional and business brand profiles.

10 million of the 30 million working age UK population are registered.  LinkedIn is dominatedby entrepreneur/ graduate £50k+ earners. 406,850 are  UK Directors and 533,641 UK business owners. Two million UK companies  use LinkedIn pages (half have groups).

In January LinkedIn announced on its blog that it had topped 200 million members.  To celebrate this important milestone Business Mapper has compiled a list of useful resources to help you get the most of the “professional” social network.

Like a lot of social media platforms, LinkedIn can be complicated to start with, particularly if you are coming to it to help grow your business.  Below is a list of categories that starts off by covering the basics like how to set up a profile and which groups to join, before moving on to using LinkedIn to grow your business and driving traffic to your website.

#1 How did LinkedIn start and who started it?

You don’t have to be young and good looking to launch a mega successful social network.  Interesting background article on LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman by CNNMoney, a Silicon Valley geek that made it big. The LinkedIn start up story

#2 How do I get started on LinkedIn?

It starts with your profile.  Jorgen Sundberg does a great job of covering the basics 9 Ways to maximise your LinkedIn profile Pamela Vaughan with a very thorough guide to getting up and running with LinkedIn The ultimate cheat sheet for mastering LinkedIn

#3 How do you build the best profile?

Having a killer LinkedIn profile takes work, so look at the best out there for inspiration In search of the best LinkedIn profiles in the world Optimise your profile summary by LinkedIn guru Andy Foote 3 stunningly good LinkedIn profile summaries An interesting but easy read applying the SEO lens to your profile Optimise your LinkedIn profile for best results

#4  Groups, how do I join them and which are the best ones?

Joel Elad keeps it simple! And reminds you to focus on what you want before joining a group How to join in a LinkedIn group Tracy Sestili talks about LinkedIn’s launch of group statistics in an easy to follow video Which groups should you join on LinkedIn? If you start a group you’ve got to be the boss of it and do a good job managing it.  Stephanie Sammons the founder and CEO of Wired Advisor details how to get the most from your group Managing LinkedIn Groups The ABC of how to join a group Top 10 reasons to start a LinkedIn group LinkedIn groups help section Don’t forget the help section of LinkedIn to provide basic answers

#5 Company pages, what you need to know?

Stephanie Sammons the founder and CEO of Wired Advisor walks through the benefits of setting your compant page 5 Creative ways to use company pages Stephanie Sammons again with a more detail about tweeking your company page to maximise its potential for your business Optimise new LinkedIn company page

#6 How do you find a job or contract using LinkedIn?

Link Human CEO Jorgen Sundberg shares insights on how Linkedin can help you find a job 10 LinkedIn groups job seekers must join Do you want your six digit salary!  Chelsea P. Gladden the Director of Marketing & PR for FlexJobs lifts the lid on more useful tips to find that dream job. LinkedIn Job secrets

#7  What do you need to consider when advertising on LinkedIn?

Lisa Raiser gives advice on how to get better click through rates (CTR) for your LinkedIn ads. Advertising on LinkedIn:  Your guide for 2013

#8 How do you build business through LinkedIn?

Sean Jackson writing for Copyblogger 16 smarter ways to use LinkedIn to build your business Stephanie Sammons  shows how adopting a few simple strategies can help grow your business 5 LinkedIn marketing tips to grow your business

#9 What about driving traffic from LinkedIn to my website?

Stephanie Sammons the founder and CEO of Wired Advisor thinks business-bloggers don’t leverage LinkedIn enough to drive traffic.  Find out how. Drive more blog traffic using LinkedIn Lewis Howes is author of Linked Working and creator of the Linnked Influence training program 7 Ways LinkedIn Can Drive More Traffic to Your Website Steve Hughes on exploiting the LinkedIn traffic Goldmine! How to use LinkedIn to drive massive traffic to your site

#10 Which LinkedIn apps are out there?

Applications or plugins help turn social media into a Swiss army knife, giving you tools for your business, networking and personal life. Amber Mac makes the point that although LinkedIn’s list of apps is quite small, they are powerful! 5 LinkedIn Apps for power networking Extend your LinkedIn profile and reach with these popular apps. 13 LinkedIn applications you can use to become a LinkedIn rock star Do you know of any other great articles about LinkedIn, please let me know!

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