What Is The Best Telephone Number For Your Business?

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In 2014 we now have many different types of telephone number we can choose to have as a business line. Not everyone realises however, that choosing the right prefix telephone code is both a brand and financial choice for your business and it could mean the difference between gaining or losing a new customer!

Ofcom did some research into this a while a go to find out if certain phone numbers increase or decrease the likelihood of someone phoning a number placed in an advertisement. Since this is a critical business decision it’s best to make that choice using solid consumer behaviour research.

That’s why I have taken the most important data from the Ofcom report about customer perceptions, and made an easy to digest infographic and .pdf for you to download and share.

What is apparent from the Ofcom research is:

  1. The phone number you choose should depend on the type of business you have
  2. Choosing the right number could help you get a lot more customers!

Download as a pdf here

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