9 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Social Video Marketing

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#1 Why is social video marketing online important for businesses?

In an effort to keep up with online social trends, video marketing is rapidly growing as a leading method of customer communications for businesses online.

*70% of B2B marketing strategies use online video, perhaps because YouTube averages four billion hits each day (and one billion unique views each month). You can embed YouTube videos in campaigns through key social media, like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

There’s also been a groundswell of demand for video from mobile viewers using tablets/ Smartphones who tend to spend three times longer watching videos than those on PCs and laptops. By 2013 the number of mobile viewers reached over 54 million.

Amongst other things social video marketing can help you:

  • Engage customers/fans/followers
  • Show off your current and future  products and services
  • Tell your brand history and purpose
  • Inspire others or ask for their inspiration (to create new products)
  • Offer competitions (even to encourage fans to say why they like your brand)
  • Share trivia viewers will want to share
  • Offer an insider’s view of your business
  • Make an appeal or notify customers of withdrawn products
  • To answer critics or advocate another brand (creating association with yours)
  • Build a viral marketing campaign (spreads like a virus due to intrigue/controversy/viewer benefits)
  • Spark debates online and offline

So, there’s a lot to be gained from creating videos to use on social media and most businesses can be marketed using video in structured campaigns as part of their marketing mix.  Brendan Cournoyer, of Brainshark, explains the power of Video in online marketing using an infographic. That said, a few businesses would be less well suited to the medium (as a couple of the links below suggest).


#2 Which social video campaigns have been the most successful?

When people talk about successful video campaigns they tend to mean fairly short viral advertising campaigns such as these detailed in Advertising Age online magazine. Return on investment is often judged on the basis of the whole campaigns marketing success (such as click-throughs to website landing pages from the video or customer conversion rate as a result of associated social networking).

However, videos come in many styles, lengths and formats to suit the target markets and business needs (to advertise, inform, entertain, engage/socialise, inspire). Each should be created on the basis of a business case (rather than just random/ aimless entertainment). Here’s 10 of the most memorable marketing campaigns of 2012 as collated by Rachel Sprung on Hubspot.

#3 Why bother with video marketing when I can do blogs or podcasts?

Videos, Blogs and podcasts are all useful marketing tools and any small/ medium business leader and marketer worth their online salt should get to grips with basic best practice in using those tools. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income is praised by Forbes for his podcasts and over two million people have found him that way.  Blogs are overtaking traditional websites because of their conversational, sociable nature. Here are thebest blogs as judged by Technorati. Either way, YouTube videos are overtaking traditional news sources. Video marketing’s exponential growth means it’s worth using to promote your business and communicate with customers.

#4 Where can I learn to produce and edit short videos?

Mashable has a few articles dedicated to online video which may help such as, ‘How to Make a Successful Marketing Video for the Web’ by Scott Gerber. Also, the Dummies.com ‘Guide to doing business online using video marketing’ and Martin & Bullard’s ‘Video Production and Marketing Fast Track Guide’ will help.

You’ll need to consider your video format, style and length, according to your target audience needs, your production/editing time and resources and your campaign. It’s also worth reading up on the latest trends in video marketing which are currently about very short micro videos

#5 What are the keys to marketing my business online using video?

Anyone trying to market their business online using video, take note of these video marketing tips:

Don’t forget: video creativity requires inspiration, clear budget/timeframe parameters and deciding what questions to answer for your audience. Perhaps use Quora.com or Yahoo Answers to guide your thoughts about what people are asking and the answers people are giving.

#6 Which video making apps, channels and platforms are the most popular and why?

Currently, like the rise of Twitter (for microblogs) and Instagram (for images), YouTube is undoubtedly the online market leading social channel for video. There are a number of apps created to help you produce and edit videos as well. Take a look at these options:

The latest video trend is creating six second micro videos for Twitter using the Apple based Vine app (currently used on mobile Apple products like the IPad 4). It’s up and coming but is facing some obstacles in becoming a great app according to Mashable. For those whose business is making marketing videos Vine could affect you.

Do your research into video apps for production and editing:

Many free hosting sites enable you to upload your videos for sharing. These include Youtube, Vimeo, VideoGoogle, VideoYahoo, Revver and DailyMotion. You can create your own account (called a channel) and you can upload unlimited videos visible on search engines (so good labelling and tagging of the videos (using SEO techniques) is important to get you to the top of the search rankings for your video subject).

#7 What time is it best to publish a video?

There is a lot of debate about this online, especially if your customers are international and need to be targeted at differing times of the day (to suit their country’s timeline position). Dave Chaffey’s team atSmartInsights created an article including a graph of people’s technology habits through the day. This suggested that the online trend is for people to use mobiles in the morning, laptops and pcs in the afternoon and tablets at night.

Christophor Rick of Reelseo also considers what factors affect our decisions about the best times to publish content

#8 How do you use videos to market business and generate leads? See these links:

#9 What’s the current fuss with Vine? How do you get it?

Twitter’s Vine­­­­­­­­ is in its infancy and there’s quite a bit to cover here so watch for our next blog to find our more.

Meanwhile, there are many more current online marketing trends, including video trends, to find out about andhere’s a taster by Tom Shapiro of Start Up Nation.

So thate is nine good reasons to consider using video marketing for you business, Can you think of #10?  I’d love to hear what is!

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